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Meet Melvin Louis, a classy mixture of talent and creativity, who has attracted audiences both on and off the stage. Renowned as a world-class dancer and celebrated as a prominent social media influencer, Melvin has redefined the boundaries of artistic expression in the digital age. With an undeniable passion for dance and a keen understanding of social media, he has leveraged his immense talent and online presence to inspire and connect with millions of fans around the globe.

Let’s have a look at his journey right from his teenage, exploring the intersection of dance, social media, and the power to ignite change in the hearts of followers worldwide.

How did your teenage look like?

My teenage was very ugly

I was getting sunburned. I was all the time on the ground playing basketball. That’s how my teenage went. I used to love sports and mainly basketball, and I used to love and enjoy playing sports. So mainly I used to be all the time in the sun.

How did you turn your ways into dancing?

So basically basketball, it turned into a rhythm. Then I started to like dancing. You participate in local competitions and that’s how you get noticed. That is almost every dancer’s story in the country, and then you get noticed. And then gradually you start developing your art and then more people notice you, especially choreographers, and they’ll be like, hey, dance for me, dance for me. And then you start doing some professional work with them. And then more professional people see you and they’re like, hey, that guy’s really good, man. I think he has a chance. And then you audition for reality shows, do various things, then the audience notices you and is like, hey, that guy’s really good. And then that’s how it further progresses. And then gradually you reach a point, but it is very tough.

As a dancer, you are also a social media influencer. So when did you start Social Media?

Much before there were influencers. So actually we all belong to the first gen of the idea that social media platforms are allowing us free video uploads. Now we can upload our videos on YouTube. Also, YouTube is not like social media. But then Instagram and everybody kind of like in those days, back in the days you could only upload like 15-20-second videos on Instagram. Do you know that era? So we had to record only 15 seconds and it was easy as a dancer to actually upload those things and then we started uploading and that’s how it started back in the day. But then it started picking up like when the views started coming in, it was really surprising and I was very happy. So I was like okay, there is more audience on this platform and most importantly, I tell you what, so back in the days I used to do my own home productions which were very expensive, which meant booking an auditorium and showcasing your talent to a live audience. We did not have platforms to showcase otherwise. So the organizing and everything was not even just like money wise very expensive, but also it was very tedious. Six-month process, seven-month process and then you have an auditorium filled of only 1000 people, you’re on social media instantly, like 15,000, 20,000 in a minute, something like that. So that really helped.

Which social media platform do you use the most?

I think I’m very savvy with obviously Instagram for all of us. I think that is like the number one you go to because also people are also very active there. So I think that is one handle I use the most.

Can you share some memorable moments of your life that happened because of social media?

That was Amitabh Bachchan ji sharing my video and even Anand Mahindra Sir sharing my video on Twitter. Yeah, I think that gave me a lot of boost. It was actually like the song on Twitter.  It was the song from, I think, Simba. Okay, that is actually my song. So actually what happened after that is I’ll tell you how it impacts people who are listening when you have the grades, who are actually endorsing something that you created in the form of art and use social media to share it and it starts travelling. And when they acknowledge it, a lot of people around you have these doubts about you, are you really that good? You’re everyday uploading, but is it really working? All those people I think get shunned down that day. So that is one good thing that happens. And after that day you have to not give long introductions about yourself. So like you are posting every day reason often people used to criticize such stuff early back then.

Did you get any kind of criticism?

Never, I never had criticism. I had haters but I never had criticism. I never got criticism, but I got hate. So it is okay. Who doesn’t have haters in this world? I mean like even, even a baby today if you put a picture, will have haters for some reason. I don’t know. And I think the world has complex people who are doing complex understandings and they are also going through a lot. So I think you should not take these comments seriously. You should just concentrate on doing what you do best and that is how you keep your sanity. I think the best way is to keep it easy for yourself, not make it difficult. If you keep thinking so much about other people’s opinions, how will you actually be genuine in your own art? True.

These days, this generation specifically, we have noticed that are making cringe content, like posting anything, which is quite vulgar. They are doing this for going viral. So is this ethically correct?

But that’s freedom. No, that’s freedom by freedom of expression. I’ll tell you something which I don’t understand. See, everybody has their own freedom of expression, okay? It’s like seeing somebody else’s girlfriend and being like she is not that nice, and seeing your own girlfriend be like Meri wali better hai. How is that fair? I think everybody has the right to post whatever they want to. And I’ll tell you something. A lot of people who were like, maybe two, or three years back making cringe content have kind of stopped making cringe content. So maybe sometimes people also evolve and then they’re like, oh no, let me do this better. But sometimes what happens is that you have people watching cringe content. That’s why it’s being consumed, right? So there are people out there who like it. There are many of your friends who purposely will send you cringe content in the morning. Purposely! And it happens. So that’s how we travel. So actually it works. Maybe in a notorious way, but it is working. So what’s the about it kind of entertainment?

Many people believe that is not good for society, like for the future of society, because people are thinking that is cool and it is going in the wrong way!

No, I think it’s a huge plethora of people. Bad actors make good actors look good. True. So if you have a mixed crowd, I mean, people can go by their taste. I like this, I’ll watch that, I like that, I’ll watch that. It’s up to them, right? But if you want to stand out then like a different place altogether. But yeah, I think we should all stop discussing cringe content because it’s not going to go because they are very happy making it, whoever is making it. And we don’t have social media schools yet, so probably it’s going to be a long process. But let’s see.

Can you give some tips that today’s generation should follow to grow on social media?

The most important thing is why you use extensively your social media handles. Are you using it to network? Are you networking in the right direction? Are you trying to give your own handle to a particular shape or turn it into a brand? What is your vision for it? Why do you upload so much content? Do you want an audience? Do you need an audience? Or do you just use your handle as self-expression and then now you are trying to turn it around? You can’t have your handles do everything for you. So you have to choose your path first as to what you will do. A lot of people are using it wisely now and making money off it and that’s why they’re not complaining and they’re happy to create more and it’s paying them back through brands and endorsements. So it’s okay. And for some people who it’s like a medium of self-expression, it’s okay even then. And for a lot of people who are into self-expression, I think they are also growing. Their handles are also growing. Like there are a lot of people who just write about themselves, but they still have a lot of followers. And many of my friends would be like, I don’t know why I have so many followers here. I don’t even post like all these reels and all you all make. I said, dumb. You’re pretty. That’s why you have so many followers.

Apart from being a social media influencer, let’s move in another direction as a dancer. So if someone is going through your profile, Instagram profile specifically, what do you think they will have a first impression of? About your dance, about your looks?

I don’t know. I think I have really never checked or bothered to ask people because you never should ask people, hey, what do you think? Because you get such mixed reactions, it can actually mess with your process of how you actually create.

I’ve also had days like I’ve had months of being absent from social media.

I’ve taken my decent breaks of two or three months, and not uploaded a single dance video. I have these phases where I actually go back, like unlearn, relearn, come back again, reinvent, because you have to constantly evolve with social media. It’s a growing platform, a community now, which is always going to challenge you on various other factors, and you need to have a lot of self-clarity. So it’s important to pause. Also, when people come now to my handle, I think most of my fans that come in or whatever, crave for more videos and more content right now because compared to what I was making earlier, I have reduced it because I’m trying to give it like a shape now and go in some other direction of things, which needs more planning. So I’m trying to invest more time to be able to churn that. If all goes well, maybe I change my mind, or maybe not.

One piece of advice that you would like to give to the upcoming future content creators who are dancers.

Please understand that dancing is going to be fun only if you truly enjoy it. So make sure that when you’re making content, tell yourself before you make content that you truly enjoy dancing. And that’s why making content around it is fine. I’m saying this because for the last seven years when I’ve been making my content, I tell myself every time that I need to enjoy the process, and that is what keeps me going. Because there will be a time when you’ll find it hard to maybe balance out and churn out content. As a content creator, you’ll run out of songs, you’ll run out of so many things, and you’ll try to always reinvent yourself. But every time, you have to ask yourself, why am I doing this? Is it generally for the love of dance? You’ll also grow with your art, and because of content creation, now you’re able to film it and have feedback on it also. So you definitely get better with time. So it helps you in reverse. So I think just enjoy the process and keep things very simple that you can explain to people in, like, maybe three points as to why you do it. It’ll help you also understand yourself better.

Our conversation with Melvin Louis has disclosed the extraordinary impact he has made as both a renowned dancer and an influential figure in the field of social media. Through his mesmerizing performances and interesting online presence, he has not only entertained and inspired audiences but has also harnessed the power of digital platforms to create a meaningful and transformative experience. His ability to seamlessly merge the worlds of dance and social media has allowed him to reach unprecedented heights of fame and influence, spreading joy, passion, and artistic expression to a global audience. As we look ahead, it is evident that Melvin will continue to push the boundaries of creativity, using their platform to advocate for change, uplift others, and leave an indelible mark on the world of dance and social media.

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