Instagram is working on a feature to share quick notes with friends


All Meta-owned apps have recently seen a major jump in the number of updates they are getting. It seems like the company makes notes of what problems might come up with their product or what more should they add to make the user experience better. 

Now, it’s being reported that Instagram is testing out a new ‘notes’ feature for the app. These notes are most likely going to be disappearing after 24 hours. This feature will also enable users to post short notes on their stories which can be seen by their followers or people in their ‘close friends’ circle. This will come in handy if you want to make a small announcement and don’t want to get lost in someone’s DMs. 

This feature was first brought into the spotlight by marketer Ahmed Ghanem. His tweet about the feature also showed viewers that the notes feature will potentially be displayed a row above the app’s direct message service. You can add a new note by tapping on the plus button(+) which will be in front of you.

Image Credits: Ahmed Ghanem

According to the report, Instagram’s note feature will allow users to write about 60 characters. Instagram’s goal with this feature will not be what Twitter wants to achieve with its notes feature, that is posting long-form content. The users will not get a separate notification for the notes on Instagram.

Currently, the company has confirmed that they are testing this feature and there is no fixed date as to when it will be released. The access to test this feature is available to a select few users as of now. It makes sense to introduce this feature, as Instagram is an app that has a lot of things going on and it can be very easy for a friend or someone important to miss a message. With notes, the topic of concern will be crystal clear to the person concerned.

Image Credits: Ahmed Ghanem

Instagram also came up with a way of creating your digital avatar on the app which can be shared on stories and DMs. Besides that, you can now pin your posts on your profile as well as look back on the very first picture you liked. The company is taking some good and interesting steps to make its product reach greater heights than it’s already at.

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