LinkedIn to use AI to make it easier for firms to find job candidates


LinkedIn has come up with a clever way to use Artificial Intelligence to make it easier for other companies to find the right people to hire for their jobs.

What’s interesting is that even though LinkedIn makes a ton of money, they’ve decided not to charge extra for these new AI-powered features they’re offering to businesses. This means that companies can use these helpful tools without having to pay more for them, which is great news for both job seekers and employers. It’s like getting extra assistance in finding the perfect job candidate without any extra cost.

LinkedIn recently announced some exciting updates to its main services.

LinkedIn is going to use AI to make things even better for two important groups of people:


LinkedIn is going to make it super easy for recruiters to find the right job candidates. Instead of using complicated search tools, they can now simply ask questions in regular language, just like you talk every day. The AI will understand their questions and help them find the best candidates for the job.

Marketing Professionals

If you’re in charge of advertising and marketing, LinkedIn is making your life simpler too. They’re introducing a feature where you can create ad campaigns with just a few clicks. This means you can quickly and easily set up your ads to reach the right audience without a lot of fuss.

LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft and is a social network for professionals, has been working with technology from OpenAI. OpenAI is the company behind ChatGPT, the technology I’m based on, and Microsoft has invested in OpenAI. LinkedIn has been using this technology to create the new features we just talked about. So, they’re leveraging the expertise and capabilities of OpenAI, thanks to Microsoft’s partnership, to enhance their platform and make it even more helpful for users.

LinkedIn is a massive platform with over 950 million members. Most of these members do not pay to use the service. Instead, LinkedIn primarily makes its money by charging fees to recruiters, marketing professionals, and salespeople. These professionals pay for access to the valuable data and tools that LinkedIn offers. In essence, LinkedIn’s main source of revenue comes from providing specialized services and insights to businesses and professionals looking to connect with and hire the right talent or target their marketing efforts effectively.

Traditionally, when customers like recruiters wanted to find specific candidates on LinkedIn, they had to use complex methods like applying data filters, keywords, and search engine techniques. Essentially, they had to translate their natural queries, such as “I want to hire a software developer with 10 years of experience in Minneapolis,” into a language that LinkedIn’s database could understand.

However, LinkedIn has now introduced a more user-friendly approach. Recruiters can ask their questions in a natural way, just as if they were talking to a person. The AI-powered system can understand these questions and even ask follow-up questions to clarify details. For instance, it might ask if the recruiter is interested in candidates in other cities where the company has offices or if they would consider candidates with job titles that aren’t an exact match but possess similar skills. This makes the process of finding the right candidates much easier and more conversational, removing the need for complex technical queries.

”When you just focus on whether someone went to an Ivy League school or worked at Google, you’re talking about a very narrow set of people that everyone is trying to hire. When you focus on the skills that are required to do the job effectively, all of a sudden, you see there are tens of thousands of candidates out there,” he said.

”You can’t just look at job titles”

LinkedIn is not only enhancing its offerings for recruiters but also extending these tools to benefit sales professionals. These salespeople can use similar AI-powered tools to find potential customers or prospects more efficiently.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is introducing a fascinating new tool that uses AI to scan a company’s website and, based on the information it gathers, creates a marketing campaign. This campaign is designed for business-to-business products and services. Once created, this marketing campaign will run directly on LinkedIn’s platform, making it easier for businesses to promote their offerings to a targeted audience of professionals on the site. This innovation streamlines the process of marketing B2B products and services on LinkedIn, leveraging the power of AI for a more effective and convenient approach.

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