Friday, February 23, 2024

Meta bans seven companies accused of surveillance for hire


Meta’s new report states that users will receive warnings for the destructive and unconventional activities performed on the platform. It also stated that the company targeted more than 100 countries and that around 1500 pages have been suspended by Meta across Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram on the basis of month-long research.

It also criticized some surveillance enterprises for the action of creating fake accounts, supporting targets, and utilizing hacking tactics to collect pieces of information. The company criticized the companies for targeting individuals including journalists and human rights activists. The report of allegations before this year about the Pegasus spyware targeting thousands added further investigation to the surveillance industry.

Facebook is accordingly taking legal action against the possessors of Pegasus-NSO Group on the alleged spreading of software via WhatsApp. The US administration blacklisted the establishment last month, condemning them for providing spyware for foreign governments to” nastily target” individuals. The head of the security policy of Meta, Nathaniel Gleicher stated that”The surveillance industry is much bigger than just one company, and it’s much bigger than just malware-for-hire.”

Lastly, Meta officials also said that the users will get automated alerts that were affected by these events without giving anything special in it.

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