Microsoft’s Windows 11 update with copilot: About 150+ new updates revealed


Microsoft has just come up with a game-changing Windows 11 update that includes an innovative AI-powered assistant called Copilot. This update aims to boost tasks, simplify processes, provide personalized responses, and help users save precious time.

Microsoft is using Windows 11 Copilot’s generative AI to give the cherished classic app, Paint, a contemporary makeover. This update brings new features such as AI-powered drawing and digital content creation, a tool to remove backgrounds, and other enhancements.

Additionally, the Paint Cocreator preview will begin its rollout to Windows Insiders users today, with a subsequent release to the general public in the upcoming days. This novel tool empowers users to craft distinctive images by simply offering a text prompt, choosing a style, and then refining their creation using various Paint tools.

The Snipping Tool is undergoing a significant upgrade, integrating advanced AI features to enhance its functionality. One noteworthy addition is the ability to capture audio while conducting screen recordings. This means that users can initiate a screen recording session simply by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows + Shift + R or by using the convenient Print Screen button.

Beyond audio recording, the Snipping Tool is also now equipped with a powerful text extraction feature. This functionality enables users to extract specific text from images, which can be incredibly handy for tasks like digitizing printed documents or quickly copying text from pictures.

Furthermore, the Snipping Tool has introduced valuable privacy and security enhancements. It now has the capability to automatically redact or erase sensitive information from captured images. This ensures that confidential data remains protected when sharing screenshots or snippets, bolstering security and privacy for users. These updates collectively make the Snipping Tool a more versatile and powerful tool for Windows users.

The Photos app is in for a substantial makeover, introducing two major improvements: Background Blur and enhanced search capabilities. Background Blur is a feature that puts the power of professional-looking photos in the hands of users.

It works by automatically detecting the subject in a photo and then applying a blur effect to the background, which makes the subject stand out prominently. Users have the flexibility to fine-tune the intensity of the blur and make precise adjustments to achieve their desired visual effect, giving their photos a more polished and eye-catching look.

Additionally, the Photos app is getting a boost in its search functionality. This enhancement allows users to search for specific photos with greater ease and precision. Whether you’re looking for images of a particular person, place, or event, the improved search capabilities make it simpler to find the photos you’re looking for, making photo organization and retrieval a breeze.

The company is changing the way we secure our accounts with a new feature called Passkeys. These Passkeys are like super-secure secret codes that are incredibly hard for anyone to guess. Instead of remembering complicated passwords, you can use your face, fingerprint, or a simple PIN from your device to log in.

The great thing about Passkeys is that they make logging in faster, more secure, and much easier. You won’t have to struggle with long, tricky passwords anymore when you’re trying to access websites and apps. Passkeys are all about making your online life simpler and safer.

The File Explorer in the upcoming Windows 11 update is getting a fresh look and feel. The address bar and search box have been redesigned to make it simpler for you to find what you need quickly. Plus, there’s a new Gallery feature that makes browsing through your photo collection a breeze.

Another exciting improvement is that File Explorer will now support archival formats like RAR and 7-Zip. This means you can easily open and manage files compressed in these formats without needing third-party software. These updates are all about making File Explorer more user-friendly and capable, so you can navigate and manage your files with ease.

The latest Windows 11 update from Microsoft is set to deliver a wave of exciting enhancements and user-friendly features. With innovations such as the AI-powered Copilot assistant, a revamped File Explorer for easier navigation, and the introduction of Passkeys for enhanced security and convenience, Windows 11 is poised to provide a more streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable computing experience.

Whether it’s simplifying everyday tasks, boosting productivity, or improving the overall user interface, these updates promise to cater to the diverse needs of Windows users. As Microsoft continues to modernize its operating system, it’s clear that Windows 11 is not just an upgrade but a significant leap forward in shaping the future of computing.

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