More than 3 million content creators have made OnlyFans a ‘global business’, says the CEO


OnlyFans witnesses exceptional growth by surging 40% in Creators and now it is boasting over 3 Million on the Adult Subscription Platform.

“We’ve noticed a huge uptick in creators as well as fans joining the platform and we attribute that to OnlyFans is very much a global business, we’re in over 100 countries,” CEO Ami Gan told the Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro last week. The company is now setting its sights on Latin America and Australia to further increase its numbers.

“We’re looking at growth for the business and Latin America is a huge part of that,” Gan said.

“We’re seeing Latin America is a massive growth region for us and see that opportunity for creators to get exposure to a global audience.”

In 2021 alone, the company reported revenues reaching close to $1 billion. Gan, a representative of OnlyFans, has revealed that the company has identified Australia and specific regions in Europe as areas with significant growth potential.

The owner of OnlyFans, Leo Radvinsky, has personally reaped extraordinary financial gains from the platform. Since 2020, Radvinsky has gathered more than $500 million in profits, underscoring the immense profitability of the platform. In 2018, Radvinsky took control of Fenix International, the parent company of OnlyFans, through an acquisition whose specific financial details remain undisclosed. Fenix International had been founded two years prior by British entrepreneur Tim Stokely.

The exponential growth and substantial revenues of OnlyFans highlight its prominence and global influence within the online content subscription industry. With a dedicated user base and a profitable business model, OnlyFans continues solidifying its position as a leader in the adult content market while expanding its reach in key regions worldwide.

Why OnlyFans is growing so fast?

OnlyFans has experienced a mind-blowing surge in revenue over the past few years, showcasing remarkable growth in the industry. By the end of 2020, the company had achieved a boggling 540% increase in revenue, reaching a substantial $400 million. This growth trajectory continued into 2021, as OnlyFans estimated its net revenue to reach approximately $1.2 billion. Moreover, projections indicate that the company is poised to almost double that figure in the current year, indicating its ongoing success and market dominance.

Leonid Radvinsky, a prominent internet entrepreneur based in Chicago, holds a significant stake of around 75% in OnlyFans, cementing his influence and control over the company. Additionally, Guy Stokely, the father of Tim Stokely, is actively involved as a director within the company, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Notably, in December of the previous year, Tim Stokely stepped down as CEO, allowing for a transition in leadership. Amrapali Gan, previously serving as the Chief of Marketing and Communications, assumed the role of CEO, driving the company forward.

The success of OnlyFans cannot be solely attributed to favourable timing. The platform has effectively leveraged a growth model that can be applied across various industries and disciplines, contributing to its wide-ranging appeal and popularity. By delving deeper into OnlyFans’ inner workings, we gain valuable insights into their strategic approach, business operations, and the factors driving their continued growth and success.

Back in May 2020, Stokely announced that his platform was attracting 6,000 to 8,000 new creators, along with around 200,000 new users every day. It was around this time that the company implemented a 1-year expiration on referral bonuses. OnlyFans was conceptualized as influencer culture on steroids. For live entertainers, OnlyFans helped avert the dangers of a live workplace and often cut the middle-man to establish a direct line with their customers.

“I saw how much brands were making off influencers, and I thought, what if there was an even simpler way for these creators to get paid”- Tim Stokely

OnlyFans has proven to be an incredibly massive platform for content creators, having paid out an impressive sum of over $5 billion to its creators to date. The platform operates on a revenue-sharing model, where creators receive 80% of the money earned from their subscriptions and content sales, while OnlyFans retains the remaining 20% as a fee. This payout structure is considerably more favourable compared to other webcam sites, which typically take around 70% of a creator’s earnings.

With subscription prices ranging from a minimum of $4.99 per month to a maximum of $49.99 per month, as well as offering a free tier, OnlyFans provides flexibility for creators to set their own pricing and engage with their fanbase. This level of control, combined with the higher revenue share and comparatively lower platform fee, has made the proposition of joining OnlyFans highly enticing for content creators in various industries.

By offering a more lucrative and creator-friendly revenue-sharing model, OnlyFans has successfully differentiated itself from other platforms, positioning itself as a top choice for content creators seeking financial success and autonomy. The substantial payouts made by OnlyFans underscore its commitment to supporting and rewarding its creators, contributing to its widespread popularity and growth within the industry.

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