Using Pinterest To Drive Traffic And Promote Your Blog


There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your website, but what is it that makes Pinterest get a stand of it’s own in the social world out there?

If you are a business man or an author you will have enough reasons as to why take pinterest as a marketing tool for your website. Read this and you will get an answer to your question “why pinterest?”

But, first you need to know how to go about it. So, here I will tell you “how to drive traffic to your website using pinterest.

  • Create a Blog Board

It’s not only about images, pinterest serves a lot other purposes, especially a great strategy for marketing. Create a blog for your blog articles. It makes it easier, for your followers to find your blog post.

Make the title of your blog post same as that of your blog page. Name your blog board in such a way that it makes it easier for the pinners to find it. When you write a blog post, pin it to your blog board.

  1. Add a brief summary of your post.
  2. Perfect picture for your post should be added.
  3. A link directly to your blog article.
  • Images

When you talk about pinterest, images have to be the priority. So, you have to choose the best quality images among the many you have in your folder.

There are some simple tricks which will help in getting more traffic to your website because of the images.

  1. Attractive images.
  2. Place the name of your company or your website address.
  3. Place text over your images.
  4. Link to your blog directly.

According to Dan Zarella, long visuals get the most repins.

  • Engage on Pinterest

If you want people to follow your blog, if you want people to turn from pinners to your blog readers, you need to maintain a compatible relation with the them.

  1. Pin good, original and relevant stuff.
  2. Pin often.
  3. Return favors; follow your followers.
  4. Ask questions that are answered in your blog.
  5. Repin, like and comment.
  • Make Your Blog Easy To Find

If you want that your blog is visited often, then you need to make it easily accessible. You should keep in mind the keywords which the users would search and add it to your blog.


  1. There is a search privacy bar in your profile which should be changed to ‘no.’
  2. SEO knowledge will help you to make your blog reach out more users.
  3. Your blog title should be same as your blog board title.
  4. Include hashtags, if necessary.
  • Add a ‘Pin It’ Button

Adding a pin it button, will make the circulation of your content on a larger scale. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to pin it button site on your pinterest.
  2. Complete the information given.
  3. Choose the pin it image you want to pin.
  4. Submit your URL, paste your image file and build it.
  5. Paste the code for the pin it widget onto your website.
  • Article Pin

It is something similar to the other newish rich pins such as Product Pins, Recipe Pins and Movie Pins. Now, what do they do?

  1. Share more data than a regular ‘pin it’ button.
  2. When pinned, they automatically include information such as headline, author, story summary and link.
  3. They can even include a logo and byline image.

For example, Buzz Feed proclaims Pinterest as their top traffic referrer through these.

  • Feature Your Blog Writers

Featuring your blog writers will help you to get more traffic to your account, as people will get a credibility of your account and its content.

This is how you can get tremendous amount of traffic to your websites, more people will be visiting your sites than you could ever imagine. Thus, giving your site a fantastic outcome.

Pinterest also is a great tool for enhancing your business and keeping a track on all its activities as it provides:

  1. Free analytical tool for all business pages.
  2. Track your pin activity.
  3. How many people pinning, repins and how often.
  4. Give people information about your activities.

Over to you

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Concluding it, Pinterest is a great way to drive people into your blog or website. And it’s time you leverage it. Good luck.

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