Rover by Veero: Transforming PR with AI-Powered Efficiency


Veero, a top communications consulting company in Southeast Asia, is excited to announce the launch of “Rover,” a new public relations agency that puts AI at the forefront of its operations. This affiliated agency will take charge of boosting brand campaigns and performing various tasks, all with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Rover’s goal is to generate work for both existing and new clients while seeking partnerships across different areas, collaborating with people involved in the public relations industry. This includes AI developers, businesses, non-profit organizations, academic experts, and thought leaders. Rover will work alongside Veero’s current branches in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In the past, Veero has used Generative AI tools for creating creative content, managing data, and planning projects. The launch of Rover underscores Veero’s strong commitment to investing in AI capabilities, aiming to enhance their internal knowledge and expand their range of services for clients.

Skylar Thuay and Hong Phuc Ngo, both Founding Vice Presidents of the company, will lead the formation of Rover. The agency will consist of a team of consultants, creative planners, media relations experts, editors, strategic planners, data analysts, and media procurement specialists.

Mr. Skylar, sharing his thoughts on Rover’s launch, expressed, “We believe that establishing an agency with a specific focus on AI applications is the best way to speed up our learning process. This way, we can efficiently share valuable insights with our colleagues and clients.”

Rover offers public relations and creative services to clients across various industries. They utilise the power of AI tools to streamline their operations and create digital content. Rover also offers AI consulting and training to client brands interested in implementing AI best practices internally, including support for their own communication and marketing teams.

Mr. Hong Phuc Ngo added, “AI technology has developed to the point where we can take full advantage of it. Brands that use artificial intelligence to expand on human creativity will be empowered to tell bigger, bolder stories. This is where PR and communications agencies must develop to be able to use AI proficiently to walk alongside their clients throughout their journey.”

Rover has adopted AI-driven tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Firefly to automate content creation across various media formats, including text, images, 3D video, animation, voice synthesis, and music. These tools enable copywriters, editors, and designers to broaden their storytelling capabilities with a wider array of styles, tones, and presentation formats. This not only enhances creativity but also speeds up the process of reaching the target audience.

Moreover, Rover utilizes audience analysis and consumer perspective analysis tools to break down large data sets into more manageable segments. Whether it’s crafting media pitches, sending messages, or creating executive-level communications for Rover’s clients, these real-time insights allow for quick adjustments to action plans, ultimately boosting campaign return on investment. Rover’s AI-powered processes also facilitate collaboration with influencers, aid in marketing strategy planning, and identify trends to deliver a more immersive experience.

Rover is committed to providing safe and regulated AI-powered services to its users and customers. Recognizing that AI technology and the field of public relations are constantly evolving, Rover adheres to five core principles:

1. Innovation

Rover strives to remain at the forefront of AI technology and adapt to the changing landscape of public relations to provide cutting-edge services.

2. Transparency

Rover is committed to being open and clear about the use of AI in its operations, ensuring users and clients have a full understanding of its capabilities.

3. Privacy

Rover takes the privacy of its users and customers seriously, implementing robust data protection measures to safeguard sensitive information.

4. Responsibility

Rover will use AI in ethical and responsible ways, avoiding harm and promoting positive practices in the public relations industry.

5. Continuous Improvement

Rover is dedicated to ongoing improvement and learning, staying up-to-date with the latest AI developments to offer the best possible services.

Rover, the AI-powered PR agency launched by Veero, is all about embracing the future of communication. It’s using advanced AI tools to change how content is made, analyze audiences, and improve campaigns. They promise to be innovative, open, and responsible, with a focus on privacy and constant learning. Rover is at the forefront of how AI can transform PR, making it more creative, efficient, and successful.

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