Social Media To Skyrocket The Educational Institutions


We have talked about how social media is used to spread awareness and also about how it is used to promote business. What if we combine the two?

Awareness + Business = Education

Social Media & Education?

Now with we living in the digital world, more than informing the audience watching the stage, our responsibility is to inform those gaping at the screens of their computers, tablet or smartphones.

Social media can be used as a platform to promote education, get the students involved, collect their feedback and attend to their needs. Promotion through social media definitely saves your time and energy which becomes the biggest advantage when you get into advertising your institutions

The Magical Luring Of Advertisements

How many of you have wanted to study in an education institution by seeing their cool promo video on YouTube?

Well, these things does influence our decision to join any institution as it provides a rough idea of the environment which we are going to inhabit and helps us in deciding whether survival principle would work out or not.

Too many Darwin terms? Let me make it clear

Educational institutions can upload their classroom videos, lectures, lab work along with eye catching post which will definitely attract the digital kids of today.

Online Classes
Social Media can be used to create online Classess

Building Electronic or Virtual Classrooms.

How many of you have wished that a fairy godmother would get you the notes the day before your examinations? Well, all students would have had this desire every time the examinations approaches

Forwarding classroom discussions to the micro blogging sites can help the students in the daily preparation of their notes and be up to date.

Holding discussion in different social networking sites will help in engaging and encouraging the students to take part in various activities and also creates in them a feeling of unity.


Well, most of us have joined a specific institution only because of the reputation it enjoys. Promotion through social media is a main way to become reputed as here its the world that becomes your audience.

With killer ads and traffic driving content this is just an easy task to complete. Another big advantage is that it also helps in strengthening your relationship with different industries and the financial supporters of your business which can prove to be fruitful.

Now the big question comes :

How do we get started?

First and foremost draw a plan whom do you want to target? How much are you thinking of investing? What is the main purpose of this promotion? What are you aiming at?

After answering these, its the next step is to decide the platform. Here you are not choosing any random sites but you should know the value of each platform to your business and then choose. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the major sites which could help you with this.

A cool video goes to YouTube, connecting the audience with Facebook and posting intelligently on Twitter could get your institution from ‘nowhere’ to ‘everywhere’.

 After choosing the platform then it is time to put your thoughts to action and let the world see what you have got.

Like any other business, education can also be promoted online and connect a world rather than aiming at a locality.

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