Sonu Sood launches a new social media platform ‘Explurger’ which will reward users for being active on the app.


Actor Sonu Sood has launched his own social media platform ‘Explurger’ and you too might have something for you in it. 

Mr. Sood recently launched the application with its CEO and Founder, Jitin Bhatia. The app mainly focuses on travel-related content and exploring new places. We will also see something rare and unique in this app as users will get rewards according to their time on the app. Mr. Sood believes that people using apps should get rewarded for their time and not just get entertainment out of it. Explurger is also being touted as a made-in-India app for the world.

The app leverages artificial intelligence to make your social media usage feel like a game. It contains features such as an automatic travelogue, ratings of places, rewards, and much more. On the app, you can share pictures and reviews with family and friends. You can also use features such as ‘bucket list’ to mark the places where you want to visit and keep it planned prior. The app is created in such a way that it rewards you for the amount of time you’ve spent on the app by giving you discounts, and coupons and will even partner with brands to give them direct sales.  

Jitin Bhatia, the CEO of Explurger states,

“ We have tied with around 40 brands in India and are in talks with a few more global brands as we speak. Currently, the brand has been used by people across 40 countries and we want to cater for them with the best experience through the app.

There are around 4 billion social media users globally and 76% of users shares pictures while they are on the go with this travel app, we want them to have something useful in the form of rewards. The rewards can be used through offline and online channels.”

There is another quite distinguishable feature about this platform that makes it pretty different from all its competitors in the same space. Here, all the verified users will have a blue tick across their name as opposed to applications like Tik-Tok or Facebook, or Instagram, where you only get a blue tick if you have amassed a huge number of followers. Around 50,000 followers from across forty countries are already using the app as it is in its beta version. 

Talking about marketing the app, Mr. Bhatia believes that Sonu Sood’s popularity alone can help them promote the app on various mediums, he also believes that users will be attracted to using the app as they too will have their own benefits using it. The app has already raised funds up to $1 million in funds in pre- Series A from a bunch of investors. This is also not the first time that Mr. Sood tried his hands in the field of entrepreneurship in 2020, he launched ‘Pravasi Rojgar’, a platform that helped migrant workers to search for jobs for them.

Sonu Sood too talked about his involvement in the startup space and said, “ We have been working on this app for the last two and a half years. When Jitin told me the idea of this app, I wanted to create something that gives back to the online community. People spend a lot of time on social media and they don’t get anything, with this Made-In India app, I want to give something back to people.”

Featured Image Credits: DNA India

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