Let’s welcome Tesla and Musk’s billionaire friends to the Twitter-Elon battle

After investors and social circle of Musk, Twitter issued a subpoena to Tesla for all the documents and communications related to the Twitter buyout deal


After Musk promised to buy the social media platform Twitter and then abandoned the deal over the issue of the number of bot accounts on the platform and other tiny concerns, Twitter definitely didn’t stay quiet. It dragged the Tesla Owner to court and won’t stop until the air has been cleared.

Recently, Twitter issued a subpoena to Tesla for all the documents and communications that have happened around the Twitter buyout deal. According to TheVerge, the company also wants documents that include their talks with Larry Ellison from Oracle. The subpoena outlines 27 requests of communications that happened in Tesla regarding the deal and also the documents of the $4.8 billion worth of Tesla shares that he sold to fund the deal.

The social media giant wants to look at all the angles that they can use against the Tesla owner. Twitter has also demanded any documents related to the tweet where Musk mentioned the Twitter deal was on hold. On top of this, they have asked for any documents that mention the merger with media outlets.

Musk has also dragged his billionaire friends with him under piles of subpoenas and they are certainly not happy about it. According to the Washington Post, the company wants, “extensive requests for communications, including ‘checklists, timelines, presentations, decks, organisational calls, meetings, notes, recordings related to the deal’s financing.'”

The investors and entrepreneurs list who have received includes, Marc Andreessen, founder of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, Chamath Palihapitiya, ex-Facebook Executive and the CEO of Social Capital, and David Sacks, the General Partner of Craft Ventures. Sacks had helped Elon Musk in the formation of PayPal. The team also went after, Stephen Jurvetson, Board Member of Tesla and SpaceX, and investors, Jason Calacanis, Joe Lonsdale, and Keith Rabois. This is how David Sacks and Joe Lonsdale reacted to it:

The five-day high-profile trial of the lawsuit filed in the Delaware court will begin on the 17th of October and these personalities may have to testify in court. These subpoenas came into the picture after the company also sent legal notices to the banks that were helping to finance the deal.

After the first win for Twitter, Musk will likely be facing a tough time during this trial. Experts have also suggested that this will be because of the tight contract that he signed with the company.

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