What is the Best Way to Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages


You may lose your essential business data if you accidentally delete WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp conversations can hold sentimental value as you share precious memories with your friends. You would find many WhatsApp data recovery tools in the market, but not all tools generate efficient results. Some unreliable tools can also harm your personal data during the recovery process.

By reading this article, you can learn how to see deleted WhatsApp messages with the help of Wondershare MobileTrans. It’s a trustworthy platform that can instantly recover all types of WhatsApp data. Read this article to discover more about this WhatsApp data recovery tool. Let’s get started!

Part 1: Common Causes of WhatsApp Messages Deletion

Before knowing how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup, you should know the common causes of message deletion. Check out the causes below!

1. Accidental Deletion

Sometimes users select to delete all their WhatsApp chats while removing unwanted conversations. Moreover, due to the sudden formatting of your phone, you can also lose all your WhatsApp chats. Thus, accidental deletion of WhatsApp messages is one of the significant reasons for message deletion among WhatsApp users.

2. System Updates and Glitches

There can be pending software updates that may cause bugs on your phone. Also, it will show glitches if you haven’t updated your WhatsApp account to its latest version. As a result, the overall performance of your phone will be affected. Moreover, you can also lose all of your WhatsApp chats.

3. App Crashes and Data Corruption

WhatsApp can also crash due to a variety of reasons. For instance, device incompatibility and insufficient storage of WhatsApp can result in message deletion. Furthermore, malicious files on your device can cause data corruption.

Part 2: Preparation for the WhatsApp Data Recovery

After knowing the reasons for message deletion, let’s shed light on the important factors of data recovery. This section has jotted down some points that can prepare you for WhatsApp data recovery.

1. Stop Using the Device to Avoid Overwriting

If your WhatsApp messages get deleted, you should leave your device. This will prevent the phone from overwriting the existing data. Also, it can make the recovery process easier.

2. Disable Automatic Backups Temporarily

To ensure data recovery, you should deactivate auto-backup to Google Drive temporarily. It will not only help to prevent data overwriting but also in selective recovery. To do so, you can navigate to the Settings of WhatsApp to disable the auto-backup feature.

3. Understand the Limitations of Recovery

Before executing WhatsApp data recovery, you should consider some of the limitations of this process. You can’t restore deleted messages from WhatsApp that were sent months ago. If the messages are deleted within the span of 48 hours, you can restore them with a recovery tool.

Part 3: The Most Efficient Method to Restore the Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

The most trustworthy method to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup is by using MobileTrans. This tool is integrated with advanced technology to restore deleted messages on WhatsApp within a few minutes. To be more precise, it allows selective recovery, which allows you to choose specific messages for restoration. You can also preview the messages on this tool before recovering them on your device.

Furthermore, it also offers excellent results in transferring data from one phone to another. It recognizes over 6000 devices for Android and iOS. You can also shift music playlists from one streaming service to another within a few taps. Thus, this platform is an all-rounder for proficiently managing your WhatsApp and mobile devices.

Main Characteristics of Wondershare MobileTrans

  • The WhatsApp transfer feature can migrate all your WhatsApp data from Android to Android, iOS to iOS, Android to iOS, and vice versa.
  • With the backup and restore function, you can recover over 18 types of WhatsApp data on Android. You can also transfer the WhatsApp backup data from cloud storage platforms to other devices.
  • It can also help you restore your iTunes files to iOS and Android devices.
  • It supports all the latest OS versions of Android and iOS: Android 13 and iOS 16.

Straightforward Step-by-Step Guide to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages Through MobileTrans

In this section, we will describe the detailed steps to restore deleted WhatsApp messages with the help of Wondershare MobileTrans. Let’s get started with it!

Step 1: Select Deleted WhatsApp Data Restore

After launching the main interface of MobileTrans, click on the “Backup and Restore” module. From the displayed features, click on “Deleted WhatsApp Data Restore.” Then, connect your Android to your PC and navigate to the Settings of your WhatsApp. From there, select “Chats” and “Chat Backup.” Afterward, turn off the auto-backup feature and tap the “Backup” button.

Step 2: Start Restoring the WhatsApp Messages

Once done, uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp on your phone. Make sure to give permission to WhatsApp to access your media files. After entering the phone number, type all the demanded credentials. Now, MobileTrans will automatically bring the deleted WhatsApp data. Tap the “Restore” button to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages.

Bonus Tip: How to Unsend the Messages on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business

Here are the steps that can help you in unsending a message on both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. Let’s dive into these steps!

Step 1

Open the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business Chat and find the message you want to delete. Afterward, tap and hold onto the message that will display some options on the top of the screen.

Step 2

Tap the “Delete” icon from the options above. Afterward, select the “Delete for Everyone” option. This will unsend your message on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business.

The Closing Words

If you have a frequent problem with the accidental deletion of WhatsApp messages, this article will provide an authentic solution. By reading this article, you have learned about WhatsApp data recovery with the help of Wondershare MobileTrans. This tool can efficiently restore deleted WhatsApp messages. Moreover, it offers other features letting you transfer phone and WhatsApp data from one phone to another.

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