Is it time for an Elon Musk vs Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal face-off?


The updates on Elon Musk and the Twitter deal story are like a toxic girlfriend and boyfriend who keep breaking up and patching up all the time! As we all know, Elon Musk broke his promise to buy Twitter for $44 billion first by announcing on Twitter that the deal is “on hold” and later, by blaming the company it failed to provide the right information on the number of bot accounts.

A lot has happened since then! While both the parties have lawyered up and are looking to start the high-profile trial on the 17th of October, Twitter has also invited Elon Musk and his billionaire friends to court. Both of them are covering all the angles to use against each other in the court. Experts have suggested that it’s going to be tough for both of them.

Amidst this chaos, Tesla’s head seems to want to go one-on-one with Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal. After a cybersecurity researcher, Andrea Stroppa summarized the countersuit that Musk has filed against Twitter, Musk responded that he will proceed with his deal if the platform simply tells him the procedure of tracking bot accounts.

In another tweet, Elon Musk challenged the company’s CEO for an open debate to prove to the public that the number of fake users on the platform is less than 5%.

The owner of SpaceX and Tesla is also rightfully using the power of social media: its users to know what they think about the whole bot account situation. He has started a poll on Twitter with the title ‘Less than 5% of Twitter daily users are fake/spam’ and there are two options that users can choose according to what they feel is right. This poll will end on Sunday, and as of now this is how it’s going:

It is highly unlikely that the social media company or its head will care to respond to Musk and his old Twitter shenanigans as the battle is set to begin in October. Twitter seems to be tired of Musk being in two minds all the time and also about the fact that the number of bot accounts is still being dragged for so long.

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