How to Defend the Hardpoint in Vanguard!


Hardpoint is a competitive Vanguard game mode that keeps players moving with its sets of rotating objects. It’s a team-based mode where every player from each team strives to hold the marked positions to earn points. The team with the highest points of about 200+ wins the match. 

The objectives look achievable, but it can be difficult when encountering furious enemy players. So how do you defend the Hardpoint? Keep reading to find out. Moreover, you can grab some COD Vanguard hacks from Battlelog for pro tools to win every other mode in Vanguard.

Here’s how to defend the Hardpoint in Call of Duty Vanguard!

Defending the Hardpoint in Vanguard: Easy-to-follow Steps

  • Kill but stick to the objective

The objective of Hardpoint entails players on both teams fighting to control and capture rotating objective areas across the map. If a player from any team occupies a Hardpoint for several seconds with a fight, his team will earn a point. An objective lasts for 60 seconds before relocating to another location. 

The teams will keep following the objectives, and the first to score up to 250 points wins the match. Since both teams are after the same objectives, you’re likely to encounter fights. Remember to stick to the objective as you retaliate because you could lose a match if your team earns less than 250 points.

  • Grab some powerful weapons.

When picking weapons in Hardpoint Vanguard, consider weapons with versatile ranges and fast fire rates. Some of the recommended weapons include M4A1 (assault rifle), MP7 (SMG), M13 (assault rifle), and Riot Shield (melee weapon). These guns have the perfect fast fire rate and work best in multi-range combats.

For instance, the best weapon for room clearing and close-quarter contests is the MP7 SMG. Its high fire rate can help you defend and control an area longer than expected. The Riot Shield is also ideal for contesting or holding a point. It’s perfect for purely defensive combats.

  • Shoot enemies attacking your teammates.

It works like a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone trick. For instance, an enemy is focused and firing at one of your teammates. Shooting down the enemy saves your teammate and allows him to defend the objective. 

This situation is common in Hardpoint, where your teammates control an area, and the opponents try to capture it. Having more active teammates facilitates your victory in Hardpoint. So you must look for mates in danger and save them. It can be your best bet while defending the Hardpoint.

  • Divide and flank hardpoints.

Stay away from an entrance to capture a hardpoint with your whole squad. It could be a bait to trap and end you all. It’s advisable to divide your team into pairs and flank the enemies from various sides. It’s the best trick to take them by surprise.

On the other hand, you can set up an ambush around an objective to lure enemies. As they rush to capture, your team can pop out from multiple angles and dissolve the enemy team. It’s also a trick that can help you defend a hardpoint and earn points for controlling the area for a long time.

  • Never defend or approach hardpoints alone.

It’s not a good idea to go into a Hardpoint under the custody of an enemy team alone. Irrespective of your skills and weapon know-how, you could jam two or more enemies in a hardpoint that will take you out in no time.

On the other hand, defending a hardpoint single-handedly is risky as well. You can face two aggressive enemies, and once you’re down, they’ll take over. Therefore, it’s advisable always to have backup when going into hardpoints or defending the one you already have.

  • Grab some equipment

Grenades, knives, and claymore are ideal equipment for a Hardpoint contest. They’ll help you deal with multiple enemies at a go, increasing your chances of winning the game. For instance, the claymore is a lethal explosive that blows up once it detects relative movements. However, you must inform your teammates so they don’t get close and die by your trap.

Furthermore, the flash and snapshot grenades are tactical equipment that deafens and blinds targets. You can briefly glimpse the enemies around the blast radius with the snapshot grenade. These pieces of equipment can help you defend the Hardpoint more effectively while anticipating victory.


Defending the Hardpoint in Vanguard is more challenging than it seems. To protect the objective areas effectively, you must focus on the objective while killing the enemies. However, these tips will help you beat the game with fewer struggles.

Also, grab powerful weapons, protect your teammates, and always divide and flank captured hardpoints. Remember that most game players are tricky to handle, so never defend or approach hardpoints alone. Take backup and some equipment like grenades, knives, etc., alongside.

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