How to run your social media like an agency


Managing social media professionally and efficiently like an agency can be challenging. However, many of us wish to run our social media as cost-effectively as possible but without losing benefits, which is not easy. Agencies have numerous people with unique and diverse skill sets working in different areas, keeping them tightly organised and competent. However, this is not the case with social media when you are using it for your business. So those of you who really want to power your business with social media by running it like an agency have to push hard in terms of time and effort.

Here are some exclusive tips on how agencies carry things and how you can integrate and use them in your social media strategy:

Identify your audience

The first thing to remember if you want to develop a digital strategy to use social media to drive your business is to identify your audience. Regardless of how remarkable your product is, if you don’t target the right audience, it will make no difference. So it is important to define the audience with whom you want to connect. Once you identify your people, you can recognize their taste, their shopping habits, the platforms that they use and the content they respond to, and much more. Once you know these basics, you can generate your content accordingly and use the right platforms to reach the desired section of people. This will help in establishing the right relationship with your audience.

Create the best content

Coming up with excellent content can be a really challenging task. Knowing your audience is again key. You need quality content that will appeal to your audience, which means tailoring your content and tone to be attractive to them. Your content should reflect both your product and what your target audience wants in terms of style and substance.

Here are few tips that could help you achieve this goal:

  • Curate content using tools like Feedly, Storify etc. to suit the brand or product you are marketing.
  • Create lists with the help of social media tools. For instance, you can create multi-theme Twitter lists on any subject, which will help you find potential news faster. This way, you will get fresh ideas for your social media strategy.
  • Pay attention to the things that appeal to you, and make you want to respond. Analyse the reasons why they evoke a reaction in you.

Schedule content in advance to save time

If you are posting your content directly every day on social media and spending hours doing so, it’s time for you to schedule your content in advance. This will not only keep your updates regular, but will also save you time. There are numerous tools like Hootsuite, SumAll and Buffer which help in this regard. Just spend one hour and sort your content schedule for a week, and you are through except for spontaneous brilliance based on breaking news.

So use our tips you’ll be surprised by how quickly your social media campaign runs so smoothly that it almost runs itself! Run your social media campaign like an agency – it’s not that hard!

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