Instagram Notes Ideas: How brands and businesses can utilize the new Instagram Notes feature?


Instagram has introduced a new Instagram Notes feature that has huge potential in grabbing the attention of your Instagram followers. Businesses can also utilize the new Instagram Notes feature to their advantage and in this article, that is exactly what we will cover.

What are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes are brief messages that you can publish to your “Close Friends” list or followers (who you follow back). They are located in your inbox, above your direct messages, so you may have definitely noticed them.

With this, users can now compose brief notes with a 60-character limit. The followers’ direct message area will display the Note. After 24 hours, they will vanish, just like Instagram stories. One can easily reply to any follower’s Instagram Note and they will receive it as a DM when you do.

Making an announcement or starting a discourse is made easier with this feature. Users can’t keep track of a note’s views, though. After installing the most recent Instagram app upgrades, notes will be accessible.

Reviews of the Instagram Notes feature are conflicting. Since the feature’s formal release, numerous memes centered on it have circulated on social media. However, brands and businesses can definitely utilize this feature too.

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How Can Brands and Businesses Utilize Instagram Notes?

The least pushy form of communication on Instagram is Instagram Notes. They are hidden in your inbox and don’t have notifications. They are less blunt than sending a DM and more nuanced than Stories. Only and only people who are really interested to interact with you will reply to your Instagram Note.

Notes can be used by both businesses and Instagram creators in several ways. You can offer exclusive discounts and updates to their followers through the Notes feature. For example, put out an Instagram Note saying, “50% for the first five people who DM.” Something like this will not only excite your followers but also keep them hooked until you put the next Note. You can also put an Instagram Note as simple as, “exclusive discount for those who can guess what’s next…” Offer the person who gets it right exclusive brand goodies or discount coupons and make their day better.

One thing that the Notes feature can help you understand as a business or a brand is how engaged is your audience with you and your offerings. If you think it’s not working out between you guys, type another note for suggestions and start building on things you can work on.

Instagram Notes Ideas for Brands and Businesses

You can utilize the Note feature exclusively for the reason that certain companies offer discounts to customers who follow them on social media. By doing this, you can be certain that these are real followers and not merely profile visits. But to do that, you must adhere to them. Here are a few Instagram Notes Ideas that you can use as a business or brand:

  • Exclusive discount for the first 10 DMs
  • What do you want to see at (brand name)?
  • (Brand Name) cares for your feedback. DM us…
  • Use (COUPON CODE) at checkout. Only valid today.
  • DM what you love about us and find something exciting
  • Get one friend to follow us and get exclusive offers for both
  • Any guesses for our next drop? (for thrift shops)
  • Flat 30% discount for those who can guess what’s next…
Instagram Notes Ideas for Brands and Businesses

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Using the above suggestions, you can build your Instagram Notes, depending on what your brand is about. For example, thrift stores selling clothes, shoes, or jewelry, can simply ask their followers what they want to see during the next drop.

How Instagram Notes Can Help Businesses and Brands

While some people find it amusing and some scorn it, others are unsure of how it will impact their social media approach. It’s challenging to imagine how this uniqueness could be advantageous for a company. Instagram Notes can certainly be another way to connect with your followers but directly, this functionality wouldn’t be particularly useful to businesses. Unless Instagram thinks of a creative way to place advertisements.

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Alternatively, if you really want your followers and audience to connect with your brand while understanding what they expect from you, Instagram Notes can be a great way to experiment and find out!

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