Microsoft is releasing the Edge AI image maker to the public


Users of Microsoft Edge now have access to the most recent DALL’E models from OpenAI, which enable them to generate images that do not currently exist, making Microsoft Edge the first and only web browser to feature an integrated AI image generator.

As a result of Microsoft beginning its rollout on a global scale, Edge Image Creator is now accessible to everyone. In keeping with its commitment to AI in general, the company uses OpenAI’s DALL-E in the AI image generator that is integrated into its browser.

Microsoft has already announced the launch of the Bing Image Creator in the preview version of the browser and in the new Bing; now, the company is in the process of rolling out this tool to Edge. Image Creator is a feature that will be available to users of the desktop version of Edge.
Image Creator is a piece of software that gives users the ability to create images by narrating their experiences in their own words.

The software development company asserts that the new feature that has been added to the toolbar of Microsoft Edge will make it much simpler for users to create images that did not previously exist.

“Image Creator can help you find exactly what you need if you’ve ever found yourself in need of a very specific visual for a social post or even a PowerPoint,” Microsoft stated in a blog post. “Image Creator can help you find exactly what you need if you’ve ever found yourself in need of a very specific visual.” Microsoft promotes the application as a means of producing “very specific” visuals that can be used in a variety of contexts, including posts on social media platforms, presentations, and documents. Even though it has always been possible to ask an AI to make you some pictures while you’re doing something else on the web (through tools such as OpenAI’s DALL-E, Microsoft’s Bing image creator site, the built-in image generator in Bing Chat, and many others), the fact that this feature is built right into Edge’s sidebar makes it significantly more convenient.

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According to Microsoft, at least for the time being, you’ll need to manually add it to your sidebar in order to access it. You can switch on Image Creator by first opening the sidebar, then clicking the “+” button, and finally turning the feature on by itself.
According to Katy Asher, senior director of communications for Microsoft, the company is “experimenting with limits based on usage patterns and continuing to learn to help us optimise the experience for customers.” This information was provided to The Verge by Asher. “The vast majority of users in today’s society are not hitting a limit on their daily image production.”

This is just one of many new features that the company is adding to Edge; the Drop tool enables you to send files and other content to yourself, thereby creating a personal notebook that syncs across devices. Additionally, Microsoft incorporated a feature known as “Browser essentials,” which is essentially a button that users can click to make Edge brag about how well it is performing in terms of both efficiency and malware scanning.

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