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Here is the unexplored side of the style diva Nikita Rawal, an actor and a philanthropist


Nikita Rawal has been in the entertainment sector for nine years now. She has been a part of several movies including some popular names like ‘Garam Masala’, ‘The Hero Abhimanyu’, and ‘Black & White’,

Apart from this, she has also founded Aastha Foundation, an organization that helps people from underprivileged backgrounds and children who are HIV Positive. She has a lot of plans for Aastha Foundation in the future along with scaling her entertainment side.

Team Sociobits connected with Nikita Rawal to know more about what is going on in her life and how she handles so many things at once.

Team Sociobits: Could you tell us a little about your NGO, Aastha Foundation?

Miss Nikita Rawal: I am the founder of Aastha Foundation which is working for the welfare of society. It provides a helping hand to HIV-positive kids and people from underprivileged backgrounds. I have adopted sixty HIV-positive kids at Aastha Foundation. We also work to create awareness about diseases related to women like PCOD, with the goal to empower women. At Aastha Foundation, whatever comes our way, we try to help them.

Team Aastha Foundation

Team Sociobits: How has your journey with Aastha Foundation been so far?

Nikita Rawal: It’s been lovely! I feel that it is extremely beautiful when you work towards something that you love and that also brings love to other people. My journey with this foundation has been very special. We work in so many areas and it was not very easy because we faced several challenges. There have been times when we needed help but unfortunately couldn’t do much about it. There are other foundations that hamper the reputation of foundations like ours but all these problems are a small hurdle when we see the kind of help and support we are imparting.

Team Sociobits: What inspired the idea of Aastha Foundation?

Nikita Rawal: I have always felt that we take so many things from our friends, family, teachers, society, or mother earth as a whole; we always take from the society but we often forget to give. I am trying to do my part through Aastha Foundation.

I feel that teens or young adults should realize that it is the time to give back to the society as that is when I realized the same.

“I want to scale Aastha Foundation globally. I would love it if more people could be a part of this organization and realize how special it is for me. I don’t just want to talk about Mumbai or India, we have a long journey ahead and this is just the beginning.”

-Nikita Rawal

Team Sociobits: You have received awards and accolades for many things, including the work that you do for society. How does that make you feel?

Nikita Rawal: I think winning awards makes me more responsible for the work that I am doing because people expect me to keep moving forward and that increases the work that I have to put in. Awards appreciate the work that you are doing so when you receive this kind of appreciation, it pushes you to keep working harder.

Team Sociobits: What pushes or inspires you to be a part of activities that create social awareness or create an impact on society?

Nikita Rawal: My biggest motivation has been my mother because my mother has been working for this; she also conducts free yoga classes at five am in the morning for everyone. You can say that it is in our blood and it has been going on for generations.

Team Sociobits: How do you want to go ahead with Aastha Foundation? What are your plans for the future?

Nikita Rawal: I want to scale Aastha Foundation globally. I would love it if more people could be a part of this organization and realize how special it is for me. I don’t just want to talk about Mumbai or India, we have a long journey ahead and this is just the beginning. I am also planning events with a few Hollywood celebrities to perform for my kids. So, the plans are big and I am working on them.

Team Sociobits: You have also been a part of the entertainment sector for nine years. Any plans in the entertainment industry?

Nikita Rawal: I have a few projects on the way like ‘Roti, Kapda aur Romance’ with Arshad Warsi and Chunky Pandey. It is set to release in August 2022. I am also looking to do a few web series, events, and music videos. This year is also special as I am going to IIFA Awards to release my video. There are so many plans and I am really grateful and excited about them.

Team Sociobits: You have Aastha Foundation and you are also active in the entertainment sector. How do you handle everything together?

Nikita Rawal: If you love what you are doing, it becomes very easy. It is as easy as balancing your family with your love life; one is my boyfriend and the other one is my family. I love them both and hence it becomes easy to balance work.

Team Sociobits: What do you think is the future of women empowerment globally?

Nikita Rawal: I think that the future of women empowerment is amazing. Almost everyone in the world is working towards empowering women. Today, women are lucky as everyone is thinking about us (women) and working towards our betterment. I personally feel very lucky and India has come a long way when it comes to women empowerment.

Team Sociobits: This generation is always occupied with social media, according to you how important is having a social presence?

Team Sociobits: I think it is quite important. It is not just about connecting with people but it is about showcasing yourself in front of the world. On the other hand, I also feel that people are getting addicted to it. So, there are positives as well as negatives; you need balance everywhere. Your social presence is important but you should also be careful as you can get addicted to it.

Team Sociobits: What message would you like to give to our readers and viewers?

Nikita Rawal: For me it’s simple. I believe that you have only one life. If you think that you are good at what you are doing then you shouldn’t hold back and give your everything. You shouldn’t think twice and don’t wait for anyone else to come and say it to you or encourage you. Just Do It!

Nikita Rawal is surely inspiring everyone but being unapologetic ‘Nikita Rawal’ and also urging others to follow their heart and never give up on their dream.

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