Tiku Talsania shares about his upcoming Gujarathi play, movies, and more

Mr. Tiku Talsania is a versatile actor who has been a part of many movies and plays. After three decades in the industry, he shares what's next.


Although acting may seem like an easy job to viewers, it requires dedication and hard work to make it big in the industry. Some actors pull off a character so effortlessly that they start getting recognized by their characters. The characters become a part of their identity.

Among many actors, one such actor is Mr. Tiku Talsania. Tiku Talsania has not only acted in movies and TV shows, but also in theatres. He has been a part of around 40+ projects and is very famous for his dialogue “Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai”.

On Mr. Tiku Talsania’s birthday, Team Sociobits connected with him to know more about his career and life.

Team Sociobits: How has your relationship been with the Gujarati theatre? And how do you manage to balance Hindi theatre, Gujarati theatre, web shows, and films?

Mr. Tiku Talsania: It’s actually been very simple for me. If you want to do a show, then you do it. If you have the time then you can do everything. Since I have the time to do everything, I do it effortlessly.

Team Sociobits: It has been more than thirty years that you have been a part of the film industry. What kind of roles attract you in the latter part of your career?

Tiku Talsania: I find any role that has got meaning, and depth, and projects my talent well. If a role has the potential to display what a good actor I am, I love that role!

Team Sociobits: As your daughter has already entered the film industry, what advice would you like to give to her on this decision?

Tiku Talsania: Very frankly, nothing. I have not given her any advice. Whatever she has achieved and done, she has done it on her own. And I personally feel that she is doing fantastic. She is doing wonderful and god bless her.

“There are a few films lined up too; ‘Cirkus’ directed by Rohit Shetty is one of them and it will be released in December.”

– Actor, Tiku Talsania

Team Sociobits: Are there any future projects that fans should be looking out for?

Tiku Talsania: There are a few projects and I might be coming on the OTT platform very soon. The project is quite interesting and it got a smile on my face. There are a few films lined up too; “Cirkus” directed by Rohit Shetty is one of them and it will be released in December. I am doing theatre as well and right now I am preparing for a Gujarathi play. All of this will be coming to the audience very soon.

Although the actor has spent around three decades in the film industry, he has a lot of projects that fans can eagerly look forward to. And this will certainly create curiosity for his fans as an actor like him will be a part of it.

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