Bill Gates drives Mahindra EV, Anand Mahindra challenges him to drag race


On March 6, Bill Gates, one of the co-founders of Microsoft, was seen riding an electric three-wheeler in India. The video clip rapidly became extremely popular on the internet.
In the background of the video that Bill Gates uploaded of himself driving an e-rickshaw, the timeless hit “Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi” by Kishore Kumar, which was featured in the film of the same name, could be heard playing.
The video was uploaded on Instagram by the billionaire, who can be seen in it looking at himself in the mirror of the auto rickshaw he is riding about in while dressed in a suit and tie in the Bollywood style. The song “Babu Samjho Ishare,” which can be found in the film “Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi,” is featured in the music video that goes along with it.
The voracious desire that the Indian people have for novel concepts never fails to astonish. I was the driver of an electric rickshaw that had a maximum range of 81 miles (131 kilometres) and could accommodate a total of four passengers. It gives me hope to see companies like Mahindra make advances in decarbonizing the transportation sector,” he remarked on Twitter.
A three-wheeled electric vehicle drag race was proposed by the CEO of Mahindra, the company that manufactured the car that Bill Gates was driving.

For the sake of brevity, we’ll refer to him as “Chalti ka Naam Bill Gates ki Gaadi.” We are thankful that @BillGates took the time to review the Treo. Anand Mahindra suggested in a tweet that a three-wheeled electric vehicle drag race involving him, Sachin Tendulkar, and himself should be on the agenda for your next trip.

Mahindra even had the opportunity to get up with Gates, a classmate from his time at Harvard University, and uploaded a selfie of the two of them together at an event. When Bill Gates and Anand Mahindra happened to cross paths by coincidence, Gates gave Mahindra an autographed copy of his book, How to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe. A heartfelt message from Mr. Gates reads, “To anand, Best wishes to my classmate!” on a lovely letter. Mr. Bill Gates.

The co-founder of Microsoft had praised India’s advancements in the areas of health, development, and climate change at an earlier point in his journey. Additionally, Gates lauded India for its “amazing ability” to mass produce vaccines that are not only affordable but also very efficient.

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